Buildout nearly complete!

It's starting to feel real.  Buildout is days from completion now.  A thousand loose ends, but Mike and I took our first rolls and breakfalls on the new foam-padded plywood underfloor we built, and it felt pretty good!  Put some mats on top, we've got a dojo...  Highlights in the space are the bigassfan, which is MORE than enough to cool down the space, the backlit 'lantern' wall above the kamiza, wood paneling on the kamiza wall developed in the manner of the traditional Japanese charred cedar technique of shou sugi ban, and a sweet (!) reception desk / bar, which will get much use after class.

Thanks to the entire crew of contractors and volunteers, especially Steve DeClute, an exceptional general contractor and owner of Independent Construction Group, who has guided us each step of the way.  And thanks to Studio B Architects, who took on this little job in much part due to Design Principal Scott Lindenau's appreciation for aikido as an art form.

- Chris