Sopris Sun pays Roaring Fork Aikikai a Visit


Sopris Sun reporter Megan Tackett, thanks for paying Roaring Fork Aikikai a visit last week.  Nice article - captures what it's like to first take an aikido class.  We like a reporter who experiences her subject matter first hand.

Some favorite parts of the article:

  • "In spite of all of my self consciousness and self deprecation, I was having a blast. And, as my body would inform me the next day, I was also getting way more of a workout than I realized in the moment. I’m definitely doing this again, I thought at the end of the class."
  • “Aikido is not about hurting somebody,” [Chief Instructor Mike Jones] emphasized. “It’s about learning how to control a situation, which ultimately I think is a much more difficult process. I’ve never needed it to [hurt somebody].”  
  • “But I also felt inspired.  Watching Jones demonstrate different movement sequences with Yerovinkina was nothing short of mesmerizing.  The fluidity of the transitions was contagious, and I felt like a puppy, tail wagging, waiting for my turn to try.”

See you next time.