Jaime Kahn Leads RFA's 1st Anniversary Aikido Seminar

Jaime Kahn Sensei (6th Dan, Shidoin, New York Aikikai) led Roaring Fork Aikikai's First Anniversary Aikido Seminar on June 16th and 17th.  Thanks to Dan Oldenburg and Michele Murphy for the high quality photography.  


About Jaime Kahn, 6th Dan, Shidoin, New York Aikikai

Jaime Kahn started Aikido in 1990 while enrolled at NYU, joining a class taught by Claire Keller in the school gym. A devoted wrestler and team co-captain in high school, he expected to simply try out something new while preparing to join the university's wrestling team.

However, it was "love at first fall". “I was in great physical shape, and thought I was tough. Then I felt this small woman effortlessly throw me with such grace and power! I decided that however long it took, I would learn this art."

Soon after, Jaime began training at the New York Aikikai under Yamada Sensei and the amazing staff of instructors he had assembled there. Jaime lived in the dojo for the summer between his junior and senior year, and after graduating, returned to spend a year as uchideshi.

Since then, he has continued his Aikido training at the New York Aikikai, as well as traveled extensively for seminars.