Roaring Fork Aikikai joins United States Aikido Federation




Roaring Fork Aikikai (RFA) is excited to announce our acceptance as a member dojo of the United States Aikido Federation (USAF)!

Inspired by the early leadership of Shihans Yoshimitsu Yamada, Akira Tohei, Mitsunari Kanai and Seiichi Sugano, USAF now boasts a remarkable 49 Shihan who are actively teaching.  USAF is recognized by Hombu Dojo, the international aikido headquarters in Japan.  As a USAF member dojo, RFA can test its kyu-rank students according to the USAF test curriculum, and these belt ranks will be recognized throughout the USAF aikido community.  RFA black belt candidates will be invited to test for dan ranks at annual USAF events in the US in front of the USAF Technical Committee.

RFA's senior instructors Mike Jones Sensei and Chris Bergerud Sensei have studied within the USAF family throughout the US, and aspire to bring USAF's integrity and quality of teaching to the Roaring Fork Valley.  We also hope to bring some of these exceptional teachers out to Colorado so our students can experience for themselves the power and beauty of the instruction we've received.

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